Monday, 19 October 2009


Primary Images of the desired Town and Architecture we wish to Design
THe following images were gathered from a set of articals from :



From the searies Unsolved History: Aztec The Temple Of Blood

The City of Tenochtitlan

The Inner City (what we are focusing on)

What the city might of looked like

The Main Temple - The Temple Of Mayor

Living Huts

Farming Lands

Aztec Symbols and Statues


Mask of Death and Rebirth

Coatlicue - The mother of Gods - Who gave birth to the moon

Aztec Calender

A Rack of Skulls in Center of the city

Calender Featuered At the bottom of the temple of Mayor

Trading areas and the common lay out

Character Design Progress 20/10/2009:

I've been researching the Aztec people over the last weekend trying to find out what each member of society might have worn.

As im going to be modelling people from scratch i have also been researching peoples anatomy, body proportions and model topology.

Here are some drawings and 3D models of other Aztec related characters.

This is a troll from the game World of Warcraft - although it may not be an Aztec (or human!) they do have very similar armour and decoration, i specifically like tattoos on the body with the large blocky, wooden armour.

Below is a piece of work enititled "Aztec Priest". It was made using Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop. It's quite a detailed picture, i would like to aim for this level of realism in my work.

Here is another very impressive 3D model of an Aztec warrior. I like the shape of the face i think it looks very authentic and true to the Aztec race. The skin and shading is very detailed. I dont think this level of detail is achievable in the given time frame.

Aztec warrior: Note the feathers, helmet, cloak and cloth.


3D Animations Of simular Projects

We also decided to focus on animations a like to our own, this was to compare and see what we would be up against. We found some very good examples and have been influenced by them.

Aztec Temple
This is very much an animation of the same temple we want to animate, this shows a rough untextuered lay out of the inner city. We are confident we can reach this level of detail and go one step further.

This was created by a software analysis who undertakes 3D modeling as a hobby. So it we expect to deveop our a lot better than this one.

High resollution animation

This animation provides a very good scenary and we wish to gain the same kind of level as this.

Here is a still that they rendered

This was created by an indivudal in a small business called Eight Eyed Sea Bass. THe individual was a very talented modeler. The animation contains an impressive 250 million polygons.
The scene was lit using a very realistic program called Global Illumination, which we are lookinginto to using.
For more information about this small animation they have provided information their blog

The Real Deal

The following animation was taken from the searies, Aztecs The Temple of Blood.

THi sis very much what we are looking for in terms of landscape, modeling and camera fly through. We found this relates hugly to what we are trying to achieve. The only aspect it does lack, and we wish to include, is animated people.

This was made by a team, and is a good few years old, but it is still very much an impressive piece. We wish to attain this level of modeling and even more. Due to having many little animations through out the the fly through we cant spend all the time on the apprenace of the landscape, as the organic side of the project along witht the anmation will prove to be time consuming.